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straight pipe


1、Unique Lining Technology

      According to arch self-embedding principle, ceramic will be lined and supported 360°automatically, ceramic will touch the pipe inside wall and press each other. All ceramic contact edges will adopt tape shape design, and ceramic block will lock each other so that can ensure the ceramic will not fall off. For double protections, fill with high-temperature fire-clay between ceramic and steel pipe inside wall. Patent No:20092015051.

2、Welding-type Alumina Ceramic

      Features of Welding-type alumina ceramic: Ceramic block will connect with steel plate with welding + bounding, which enhance the bounding of ceramic and steel plate, and will never fall off.

3、High-precisely Cutting of Ceramic Block

    Ceramic width, edge tape and contact angle will be designed by CAD, and cutting by diamond dicing blades. The gap between ceramic block in the material flow direction will be less than 0.5mm, and the gap between ceramic block in the material vertical flow direction will be less then 1mm. The adjacent ceramic block flatness will not more than 2mm.

4、Withstand Tough Working Condition

     The ceramic and steel pipe is fixed by polymer bonding agent, so the elbow can withstand the material’s larger impact and high temperature operating condition.

5、Technical Parameter of Alumina Ceramic

Alumina   Content:95%

Rockwell   Hardness:90



Cold-pressure   Strength(Mpa):850

Thermal   Conductivity(W/mk):18

Young’s   Moll(Gpa):270

Compression   Strength(Gpa):1.77

Grain   Size(um):3.4

Cutting   Moll(Gpa):110

Bending   Strength(Mpa):290

Gas-permeable:   None

Weber   Moll:24

Fracture   Toughness(Mpam/2):3.75

Water   Absorbability: None

Vickers   Hardness(VICKERS):1150

Expansion   Coefficient(×10-6/℃):8.3

Max.   Working Temperature(℃):1250


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