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The daily consumption of coal in the six major ...


According to the data, from March 5th, the total daily consumption of six power plants in the coastal areas reached 600 thousand tons. From March 17th, with the recovery of the downstream demand, the daily consumption of six power plants in the coastal areas increased sharply, and the daily consumption of coal reached a high of 700 thousand tons, which basically recovered to the peak of coal consumption in the winter. But the author believes that the high inventory of downstream, loose transportation and sharp increase in imports make it difficult to change the pattern of the buyer's market.

We will look at the national key power plant storage and coal consumption, in March 1st -10 day, the national key power generation enterprises per day consumption of 3 million 637 thousand tons of coal, 435 thousand tons of coal consumed more than last month, 79 million 170 thousand tons of coal stocks in key power generation enterprises in March 10th, 3 million 130 thousand tons less than the end of 2 months, the number of available days reduced by 2 days. In February 28th, 82 million 300 thousand tons of coal were stored in key power plants, and the number of available days for coal storage was 25 days. In March 10th, 79 million 140 thousand tons of coal deposits were stored in key power plants, and the number of available days for storage of coal was reduced to 23 days. This shows that after the Spring Festival, the coastal coal fired power plants generally have increased coal consumption, reduced coal reserves and reduced the number of days available.

With the arrival of Yangchun in March and the rise of the temperature, China has entered the traditional construction season, and many infrastructure projects begin to work, and the activity of enterprises has improved. The coastal industrial enterprises are driving up the horsepower to accelerate the production; as the level of urbanization is further promoted, the electricity consumption increases sharply; the load of the power plant increases, the amount of coal consumption has increased obviously, and the stock is reduced. All this has boosted the coal market and improved the user's desire to buy coal. The power plants have increased their inventories and increased the enthusiasm of sending coal.