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Rubber expansion joint


        Non-metallic circular, rectangular compensator is mainly used for smoke and wind duct of power plant to absorb thermal displacement and reduce vibration.

1、Performance parameters:

        Medium:air, smoke gas and dust gas; working pressure:-20~30KPa;temperature:≤450℃。

Material: Materials with metal structures commonly used Q345 OR 10# exclude the customer requires to use other materials for a special design. Non-metallic round strap and temperature insulation materials, depending on the temperature, commonly used glass fiber cloth, PTFE film, composite fiberglass banana cloth, silicone rubber fabric cloth, ceramic fiber cotton and other materials.

2、Joint mode: 

        Default mode is an inner insertion type that the pipes insert into the compensation interface, insert the amount of 20mm, also can be flanged. Here, the form of the product length ( the compensator) is the same as the form of welded pipe with inner insertion type.

3、Parameters provided when ordering:

        Outer diameter (DW) of circular pipe or outside length and width (A*B) of rectangular pipe, the occasion of using, the medium of using, temperature, pressure and axial compensation, the radial compensation.

4、Manufacturing label:

         D-LD2000,smoke wind components typical pulverized coal pipe design manual.