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    According to the Beijing Commercial Daily reporter, the power generation of the five power generation companies to generate electricity is fiercely fierce, and the power generation in recent years has

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    China Telecom news network correspondent Yang Weiqiang reported that in September 18th, Datang Group held a meeting on cost control work in Beijing in 2012. The conference comprehensively summarizes t

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    China's export growth slowed to 17.9% in June from 19.4% in May, and imports grew by 19.3% from 28.4% in May. The analysis shows that the export growth rate is 1.4 percentage points lower than tha

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    Metallurgical industry refers to the industrial departments of exploration, mining, selection, smelting and rolling of metal minerals, including two major categories, black metallurgical industry and

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    Classification of metallurgical industryMetallurgical industry can be divided into black metallurgical industry and non-ferrous metallurgical industry. Black metallurgy mainly refers to the production

  • ·  Main metallurgical technology07-11

    Fire metallurgyPyro metallurgy is a metallurgical process under high temperature. A series of physical and chemical changes in the minerals or minerals in the ore or concentrate, formed by a series of